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Guillem Alonso
Tap Dancer and choreographer

Guillem Alonso was born in Barcelona in 1973.

At the tender age of nine he owned his first pair of tap shoes. Receiving various grants from the Catalan government (Spain) he studied tap dance in New York, where he was taught by famous dancers such as Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy, Savion Glover and others.

In 1993 he won 1st prize at the World Tap Championship in Switzerland organized by the International Dance Organisation.

During Christmas 1995 Guillem appeared as tap soloist for the show Yuletide Celebration, accompanied by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Later on he toured across the USA and Europe with several of the best American tap companies, the American Tap Dance Orchestra, Manhattan Tap, Tap Collective from New York and Steps Ahead from Los Angeles.

Guillem lives in Barcelona where he has worked in various shows such as Keatoniana, New Orleans Jazz & Tap, and Sax Tap. In 1999 he was invited to perform at the Goya Spanish film awards. He also performed and created numerous works for El Nas Vermell show and the Scandal tap dance company. Further credits include choreography for the show That’s Jazz, created for the opening of the new theatre Scenic Barcelona. Whilst at home, Guillem organizes and leads weekly tap improvisation sessions, Tap Jam at the Cova del Drac. He is also the founder and director of Barcelona Rhythm Tap company.

During the seasons 2000-02 he was tap soloist in the successful production of Fire Of Dance, touring Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and Belgium. He choreographed tap solos and duets, one of those being the captivating Sand dance. This is a style of dance that he has performed with many companies and is becoming one of his trademarks.

Guillem is a member of Camut Band tap and percussion company, where he was one of the creators of their most recent show La Vida Es Ritme – Life Is Rhythm, in which he continues to perform. It has enjoyed success in dance festivals in Edinburgh (Scotland), Toronto (Canada), New Haven (USA), Greenwich (Great Britain) and Tārrega (Spain). For the month of September 2001 the show was on Broadway (NY) and performed at the New Victory Theatre.

As a leading member of the tap community Guillem has introduced and motivated a new generation of tap dancers in Barcelona.

Dansacat Award 2010 winner in recognizing for his professional career. Miniweb

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